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Shop question - Oils and filter disposal
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Author:  GLEvans2 [ August 25th, 2016, 10:13 am ]
Post subject:  Shop question - Oils and filter disposal

Big question: How are you disposing of used engine oil/hydraulic fluid and their associated filters when performing scheduled maintenance on customer equipment?

The company that used to service us has decided to start charging us to take away our used oil/hydraulic. I understand why they are doing it, but my question is more about how you recover this expense. Do any of you charge a fluid/filter disposal fee? Is it by the unit amount of fluid (gallon/quart/liter/etc...), or a flat rate per machine whether you just do an oil change or an engine oil and hydraulic fluid change? How about a filter disposal fee? Air filters I normally just throw in the regular trash, but fuel/engine oil/hydraulic filters should be disposed of other than regular trash.

I know that when I take my truck in to be serviced, I get charged fees for disposal of waste items (oils/filters), so I am exploring ideas for passing these incurred expenses on to the customers. I am trying to help defray some of the shop expenses associated with overhaul/repair of customers equipment.

One option that was provided already: a small percentage shop incidental expense to cover disposal and miscellaneous shop items.

Any ideas on how you might be doing this would be helpful in figuring how my company is going to handle this.

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