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Ohm's Law App for iPhones
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Author:  tulsamurph [ November 29th, 2010, 12:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Ohm's Law App for iPhones

If you have attended our electrical troubleshooting classes, you are probably familiar with the Ohm's Law wheel we use in class. The formulas on it can help you easily determine the voltage, wattage, amperage, or resistance of a heater, if you have two of the known values. As it turns out... there's an app for that.

The iPhone OhmsLaw app by Thomas Boardman uses the same wheel we use, and is a pretty handy app. It costs $0.99. There are other Ohm's law calculators available that are free, (just search the app store for "Ohm's Law Calculator",) and of course, all of the calculations can be performed with a simple calculator as well.

McElroy has no connection to any of these programs, and provides no support for them. This information is provided as a helpful suggestion only.


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