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static discharge
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Author:  GeneralQuestion [ March 29th, 2013, 7:13 am ]
Post subject:  static discharge

just replaced hydro tank , oil cooler , and hydro filter with new fluids on a mcelroy trac star 250 28 model at800801 s/n c25405 and it develops a strong static charge on the front right corner of the hydro tank. Touch the hydro tank after a few minutes of run time and you get a real good zap!!! I guess my question is two fold...where is the charge coming from(is this a normal issue)? and what means does the machine having to dissapate the charge if it is something that the machine is prone to do. I see no drag chains nor do I see and connection from the engine platform to the drive platform. Find it strange that the only place you can get shocked is by touching the hydro tank towards the front half and more pronounced to the right side even more. Any help/prior experiences/slaps to the face.. I dont care just want a little help. Thanks

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