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Coach Tracstar Pendant Setup
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Author:  Joshua [ April 9th, 2013, 9:33 am ]
Post subject:  Coach Tracstar Pendant Setup

Tracstar Pendant Setup
To turn pendant on turn key to right
To turn pendant off turn key to off

Navigate using numeric keys, <+ >and < - > keys, < = > key, < C > key
Password as shipped from McElroy 123
Setup fusion parameters
When starting a job the screen should read time in upper left hand corner and 1 Setup, 2 Pressure, 3 Menu, on left side of screen and Face, Soak, Fuse with pressure in center of screen.
Follow Instructions on each screen for navigation instructions
Select Setup press 1 on keyboard
CO92 Parameters screen
Press + use parameters on screen
Press - enter new parameters
D112 Select pipe material
List of pipe manufactures is programmed into Coach, Scroll thru list using + or – key, make selection and press = key
S030 Heater Temperature
Use Pipe Manufactures recommend temperature, type in temp and press =
Heater off-set 500 = 10, 900 = 60
D140 Piston Area
Press = to default to 500 = 6.010 or 900 = 15.32
S014 Pipe Size
Select IPS, DIPS, OD, mmOD using + or – to scroll up or down
Type in pipe size press =
S018 Pipe Wall Thickness
Select DR,WT, mmWT using + or – key to scroll
Type in parameter selected , press =
D122 Heat (IFP)
Press - to skip or type in IFP if required and press = D124 Soak (IFP)
Type in 0, then press = , or enter IFP if required D126 Fuse (IFP)
Type in pipe manufactures recommended pressure usually 75 and press = D128 Cool (IFP)
Type in pipe manufactures recommend pressure and press = (if different than Fuse IFP), or – to skip
C092 Parameter Screen
Let you review parameters entered press + if ok or – to change
S010 Drag Pressure
Press + to default to 70 (machine drag) or shift carriage selector valve to close and raise pressure,
Using facer pressure valve until carriage starts to move slowly, shift carriage to neutral , let pressure stabilize press + and then = to set drag pressure
NOTE: Drag automatically added to Soak and Fuse pressure

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