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GFCI Sensing Modules and Water
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Author:  Joshua [ May 31st, 2013, 11:48 am ]
Post subject:  GFCI Sensing Modules and Water

I got this tip from an astute technician and thought I would pass it along.


We’ve been experiencing problems with the sensing modules on the GFCI setup on our machines especially after washing the machines. Just thought I would pass along a solution I have found. If the sensing module is flashing fault and cannot be reset I have taken the sensing module apart and blown the inside out with compressed air. A tiny amount of moisture collects at the bottom of the sensing module and causes havoc with the circuit board. After drying the module I use RTV gasket maker to seal the joints of the module case and I then remove the yellow decal from the front and smear RTV around the rubber push buttons to make them water tight. I use superglue to reinstall the decal and we’re back up and running. This is working for us so you might pass the word along to others if they’re experiencing this.

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