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DataLogger screen locked up
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Author:  Joshua [ October 22nd, 2013, 2:10 pm ]
Post subject:  DataLogger screen locked up

Had a couple of these come back now so I thought I would share what we found.

We have now received both a Recon and a Nomad for repair/warranty that appeared to be totally unresponsive due to improper installation of the screen protectors. The green charge light was also on without the charger connected. As it turns out, the screen protector was misaligned toward the right upper corner of the screen. The corner of the screen protector adhered slightly to the bezel and was folded up causing a constant pressure on the touch screen. In addition, there was at least one other case where a large particle of debris under the screen protector caused a second “constant pick point”. In all of these cases, when the screen protector was removed, the unit booted normally and responded to the touch screen. They also worked perfectly once the replacement screen protector was properly installed.

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